Rest Isn't the Opposite of Productive

learn how to pace yourself when you feel like quitting!

You don't need permission to rest.

Resting isn't a reward for accomplishments, it's necessary to human function, and long term productivity.

The number one key to combating overwhelm is rest. Learning when to take a step back is imperative for longevity in your routine, and your work. Sometimes rest looks like a change of pace, a new task, or stopping completely - learn what you need, and have a plan to meet those needs. Here is a real life example of what that looks like for me in the midst of GRAND-OPENING WEEK. I have 1,001 things to do for the website, inventory management, product photography, and showing up on social media more often - but most of those things require looking at a screen. I hit a breaking point where I was so over looking at a screen, and my body was in desperate need of movement, so I decided to skip to a secondary task. Secondary tasks are important, but they aren't top priority - but I got something accomplished by going to Ikea to shop for my booth for pop-up Markets & I was able to listen to a podcast while doing it. On that day, I was able to get the rest I needed - Starbucks in hand & cross something off my list. This weekend I am taking a full day off, and exploring South End with my hubby... It's all about balance!

Are you unmotivated or are things just messy?

It's also important to look at how much your space effects your mood and motivation. Are you tired & in need of rest or is your space just dirty? I've found by keeping my space clean it makes resting easier, and more enjoyable while also elevating my productivity levels. Keeping space clean for work and rest helps the day be more enjoyable, especially during the pandemic, as many of us are working and living in a small space. Go ahead, get #clean

Sunlight, water, sleep, and good food keep the humans happy.

Look at you, you glorified house plant!

Sunlight, water, sleep, and good nutrition help our bodies to function, feel good, and have a clear mind. These are all things we do anyway, but by drinking more water and less coffee, or eating a well balanced meal instead of a pop tart for lunch, we give our bodies something to work with. This is about working smarter and not harder! I know brain fog, and being sleep deprived is the number one kicker when it comes to how much I can get done, and what kind of rest I need.

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